General Foot care: to include foot neurovascular assessment, nail trimming and filing, corn and callous removal and a foot massage.



Podiatry Acupunture:  this is a specialist area of podiatry ware fine needles are insered into acupuncture points located along meridians all over the body to help with podiatry related conditions.



Diabetic Patient Care: is very important as the client needs specialist care, this is provided with Vascular Doppler testing, neurological monofilament and tuning fork assessments, to monitor the patients circulation and sensation to the feet.  



Nail Trimming Only Service: this service is to cut nails and is offered only after a first assessment consultation, to ascertain as to the suitability and medical health of the patient for this service.


Verruca Treatment:


Ingrowning toe nails: the removeal of painful nail spurs ( electro-acupuncture may be used as pain relief).


Fungal Nail Testing: this is done in house by testing nail clipping and nail debris in a culture tray to confirm the presents of dermatophytes prior to treamtment,  enabling the best treatment  to be initiate.



Cracked Heels / Heel Fissures: is a commonly occurring painful condition happening mainly in the early spring and summer. It can be treated by you podiatrist using a product to close the crack / fissure, relieving the pain and promoting natural heeling.



Biomechanics: is a specialist area of podiatry, dealing with mechanical dysfunction or injury and condition of the feet, causing foot, ankle, knee, lower back pain , muscle fatigue and arthritic changes.  We provide a range of bespoke orthotic or chair side solution to help with the dysfunction or injury. 



Ultrasound Therapy: is an injury treatment using low frequency sound waves to stimulate injured tissue and aid recovery. Used extensively to treat sports injuries.  



Home Visiting: this is available for those unable to attend the clinics.